toxic friends.

i can’t stress how important it is to read this post. you must respect yourself more than to keep toxic people in your circle. in my opinion, it’s easy to spot a toxic friend. they’re negative and pessimistic and only focus on their own problems; they dwell on the past instead of moving forward. they only need you when they wish to moan. they drag you down and disregard your goals instead of lifting you up like friends should. they’re just overall draining and when you’re in their company too long you can’t help but feel miserable. which also dulls your sparkle and makes you feel closed-minded at times. they are not supportive of your goals at all and always try to one up you like your lives are some sort of competition worth something. they essentially allow you to stay in the same place instead of moving forwards. and this is incredibly toxic to your growth and dreams and everything you deserve.

cut these people out of your life! it may be tricky but you will be so much better off in the long run. they need you more than you need them, and they’re not true friends so, why waste your energy on something so fake?

also, losing some friends doesn’t always result in a loss. for example my account.

my story of ex friendships.

you will learn the hard way that you cannot lean on anybody else. you can only rely on yourself. anyone can betray you. my best friend of many years one day decided to cut me out of her life because she felt like it. she realised she could not support me through tough times and actions showed to not be a true representation of a friend at all and in fact extremely rude and immature, and i’m better off with better friends. she were so impertinent and inconsiderate to the point that if she contacted me again i wouldn’t be phased or even reply. that’s how uninterested i am in such a low moralled person. she also mistreated me in the past, for which i previously wrote this in my notes to keep me strong minded and focused:

side note- she wasn’t toxic. she just proved to not be as good a friend as i first thought.

just to get my thoughts out. life lesson: always lean solely on yourself, because you can’t rely completely on anybody else. look out for yourself because even the apparent truest of friends can show their true colours for the worst.

someone i admired, was always there for and thought the world of has completely let me down. and even though i thought we had an irreplaceable bond, proven how little our friendship is valued and demonstrated a severe lack of respect. i feel completely betrayed that someone who claimed to have my back and i gave so much time to for so many years, is basically invalidating my hardships and essentially blaming me and punishing me for breaking down and not being my normal self for a few tiny months, which is actually a blip in my entire lifetime. doesn’t sound like any kind of friend at all really.

reaction: definitely not my issue, or for me to feel down about when everything i’ve argued back has been relevant and rhetorical. i’m not going to let this tear me down or make me fall apart in any way. i’ve been the happiest and healthiest i’ve been in such a long time and nothing is going to ruin that.

remember guys if anyone makes you feel down, invalid, pessimistic or doubtful, get those scissors and cut a bitch out because you will be so thankful to yourself that you did that for you and your own self-worth. life is way too short to be hanging around with petty people willingly, and adventure is all about making everlasting memories with good friends. so go do just that. and you’ve always got a friend in me.

if you need any advice pls don’t hesitate to ask me. i don’t bite and i’ve had twenty years of life experience. love uuuuuu. ❀

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