so therapeutic. i’ve been doing it for a good few months now, regularly. walks are suitable for any occasion; cleansing your mind, needing a breather, feeling bored. the right length walk can leave you feel refreshed and improve your mood. i’m lucky to live in a village surrounded by fields and plentiful scenic walk opportunities. there’s dog walkers everywhere. the right route always makes my day better. half an hour out of my day and a pair of headphones to embark on a gentle stroll which benefits me healthwise is so worthwhile. it’s very important for self-care. i encourage everyone to take more time out to go on relaxing walks, at any time of day. morning walks will wake you up and evening walks will help you to wind down. i love capturing a sunset and taking mental images of pink skies. go for a walk after you read this. make the most of nature. ciao. XOXO

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