an outlet. for thoughts, feelings, controversy and clout. whilst it’s healthy to take breaks now and again, my thumbs will always find their way back to twitter. couldn’t imagine a more perfect app and i’ve met so many friends thru common interest. altho people are narcistically obsessed with their ratios and there’s more tea than in a cafe, it really is a humbling and entertaining place to be. go tweet ya heart out and follow me while ya at it. laurs Xxxxx

be careful with twitter and other social media platforms. it can become compulsive and it’s healthy to take breaks from time to time. don’t believe everything you see. don’t take what you read too seriously and take the app light heartedly and stay out of danger as best you can. report harmful accounts and take advantage of the platform to make friends and spread positivity. it’s a whole exciting close knit community.

oh, and block all local twitter accounts.

laur xxxxx

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