i couldn’t be more grateful for the friends i have in my life right now. i couldn’t ask for better friends. my bestest friend is my cousin. we’ve been best friends since birth and there’s no one i love more or am more grateful for. i swear i don’t know what i’d do without her and i’m thankful i grew up with her and i’m so lucky to have her in my family. and then another is like a sister to me. we’ve been close for years and if we haven’t got sick of each other by now we never will lol. we’re loyal to each other and i love her forever. then i have two best friends who i love more than the world and i miss everyday. and then i have other close friends i text all the time. work friends. and internet friends. off hand i can think of 10 close friends who i share my life with and am always in the company of. i love them to death. it’s amazing how you can cross paths with the most amazing types of people. it’s fate and it works. some people i never imagine i’d be close to and somehow i got lucky. friendship is so important and it’s priceless. i haven’t lost a single friend i wish i still had around now. all my friends are perfect for me and i wouldn’t have it any other way. they’ve stuck with me through the worst times and been there through the best times and i’ve made an abundance of memories with all of them which will live forever. i don’t need anybody else as i have just who i need. always. if ur reading this, i’m so grateful for u xxxxxx

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