it’s the worst habit to have. having been an anxious person for as long as i can remember i know it all too well. although it’s very subconsciously addictive it serves no purpose. it won’t change the outcome of anything and just makes us think the worst. i had such an intense habit of going over multiple possible scenarios and imagining the worst case. although these days i don’t worry as much. maybe it’s because i don’t do enough things to stimulate anxious feelings. i’m very comfortable with my life right now so it’s nice that’s been reduced. but a little trick i’ve learned is to just ask yourself whenever you catch yourself starting to worry- if it will matter in a year, 6 months, even one month. if it doesn’t, then it’s more than okay right now. all things pass and everything happens for a reason sometimes it’s hard to keep faith in that but it’s true. the body can get addicted to worrying because it mistakes the feeling for excitement. this is useful to know as it shows that it’s not really a valid feeling. i mean it has no use and doesn’t benefit anyone. of course it’s important to be a little bit anxious sometimes as it’s a natural feeling and can be useful in times of danger. however, abusing it is not good for the soul.

take care of yourself and try to worry less. there’s meditation apps which can help. talk to a friend or take up a hobby to try and distract you from your anxieties. and you can always talk to me, i’m an expert.
– laur.x

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