pisces. dreamer. nature lover. adventure seeker. aspiring photographer and writer and filmmaker. optimist. coffee connoisseur. poetry reader. movie watcher. advice giver.

i have a passion for writing. i admire creativity. i’m very caring. extremely intuitive. an absolute lover of water; the ocean feels like home. i fantasise about being a writer. i find beauty in so many things. i tend to fall in love with people who don’t know i exist. i’ve had many best days of my life. i love board games. i couldn’t live without music. pasta is a life saver. flowers are pretty. i trust in the universe. i truly believe the best is yet to come. i love horror movies. concerts are everything. my idea of fun is riding rollercoasters. it’s my goal to stargaze on top of a hill at midnight. lorde’s lyrics are my mind. i consider myself very lucky. i’m grateful for a lot.