the first of many.

eating peanut and almond butter popcorn and watching a movie. it’s my first day off for a long time. i can’t wait to rest and cleanse my mind. i’ve learnt a lot lately and i’m ready to move forwards. today i’m going to relax and be brand new. it’s a full moon today which is a staple for change. i can’t wait to see what’s arising in the future. it’s completely time for new, and rid any negative energy from any area.

there’s something in the air today the vibe is so serene. everything bad is gone and has been replaced with positivity and everything else. there’s so many things to do to keep me productive over the next couple weeks. i also have some events and some planning to do. i also need to read more books and utilise my days more wisely.

i have so much time to myself and so much opportunity to do things which will benefit me. i’ll work on myself and let go of the past. i have plenty of time for new music, and allow myself to get inspired and write more. planning is imperative to make me feel good and look forward to the future. i need to make a list of things i want to achieve and follow it closely. and strictly cross reference it with my daily routines and make changes accordingly.

jurassic world : fallen kingdom for the second time this week. the visuals are stunning. 10/10.

a childhood classic on miniclip.

it’s the season of love.


something i found on tumblr.

a special episode.

in love.

my favourite show.

the truth kills me.

no caption.


i honestly had the best day. my soul feels so cleansed, my mind refreshed and my heart pure. i’ve really set my true intentions. i’ve been creative which always makes me happy. i’ve had coffees, and pancakes which are my favourite. i listened to lana’s paradise vinyl. the weathers been warmish and the sun’s been shining all day and the sky has been so clear blue. how perfect. i’ve had the window open all day and that’s so precious. i went on a walk at dusk to buy some blu tack lol and the air was so refreshing and mild. the sunset was so faint but beautiful and it truly felt like spring.

photo project.

today was the perfect day. the sun was shining bright and i spent hours with my window open playing vinyls and working on my latest project which is compiling photos, tickets and keepsakes on a wall presentation in my bedroom. it’s going pretty good so far but no where yet complete. i’m going to make it as full as i can and maybe change my gallery wall over so it’s not as crowded. i’m creating such a nice little space. anyways, gotta get back to it. XOXO.

the perfect morning.

i had two cups of coffee. i watched caspars valentine’s video which was so fun. made the perfect pancakes 🥞 . the weather is nice. i now have 3 days off in a row which is just what i needed. i look forward to having a relaxing day. might watch jurassic park 3.

wash ur face with this in simple toner.

so refreshing.

right now.

i feel so happy and in my element in this moment. everything feels so perfect and in place. things are looking up. i’ve recently ridded my life of a couple negativities that had slowly arisen. no more stress or shitty friendships. i feel i’m in pursuit of my dreams in perfect timing and signs really are showing. life really is beautiful and i’m so grateful to experience it. i know 2019 will be the year and i can’t wait to see my successes by the end of it, and that of my friends’ whose journeys i share along the way as i make memories with them. it’s important to only keep close who i admire and love. i must be more private and only share my life with those who matter most. that’s a lesson i’ve learned very recently as i can be too quick to spill too much. i’m so excited for the future and to see what it brings. i see nothing but positivity and happiness. so ready for this journey ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ loooooove u.


an outlet. for thoughts, feelings, controversy and clout. whilst it’s healthy to take breaks now and again, my thumbs will always find their way back to twitter. couldn’t imagine a more perfect app and i’ve met so many friends thru common interest. altho people are narcistically obsessed with their ratios and there’s more tea than in a cafe, it really is a humbling and entertaining place to be. go tweet ya heart out and follow me while ya at it. laurs Xxxxx

be careful with twitter and other social media platforms. it can become compulsive and it’s healthy to take breaks from time to time. don’t believe everything you see. don’t take what you read too seriously and take the app light heartedly and stay out of danger as best you can. report harmful accounts and take advantage of the platform to make friends and spread positivity. it’s a whole exciting close knit community.

oh, and block all local twitter accounts.

laur xxxxx

1am thoughts.

hi. writing to u from my bed whilst eating the yummiest homemade cookie dough. i’m grateful for a lot and it’s about time i vocalised that. i have so many plans for the future and i have to set my stepping stones now. and manifest everyday. i wanna make a 2019 mood board. ima do just that tomorrow. i wanna paint my room a vibrant colour. in love with comfort. i’m so grateful for music. and that’s all i have to say. XOXO