it’s the worst habit to have. having been an anxious person for as long as i can remember i know it all too well. although it’s very subconsciously addictive it serves no purpose. it won’t change the outcome of anything and just makes us think the worst. i had such an intense habit of going over multiple possible scenarios and imagining the worst case. although these days i don’t worry as much. maybe it’s because i don’t do enough things to stimulate anxious feelings. i’m very comfortable with my life right now so it’s nice that’s been reduced. but a little trick i’ve learned is to just ask yourself whenever you catch yourself starting to worry- if it will matter in a year, 6 months, even one month. if it doesn’t, then it’s more than okay right now. all things pass and everything happens for a reason sometimes it’s hard to keep faith in that but it’s true. the body can get addicted to worrying because it mistakes the feeling for excitement. this is useful to know as it shows that it’s not really a valid feeling. i mean it has no use and doesn’t benefit anyone. of course it’s important to be a little bit anxious sometimes as it’s a natural feeling and can be useful in times of danger. however, abusing it is not good for the soul.

take care of yourself and try to worry less. there’s meditation apps which can help. talk to a friend or take up a hobby to try and distract you from your anxieties. and you can always talk to me, i’m an expert.
– laur.x

life’s too short.

it’s way too short. statistically, i’m a quarter of the way into my life right now and that’s terrifying. that’s like doing it all again 4 times and okay i’m scared now. the more you focus on the prospect that death can come at any time, and if you’re grateful for what you have in your life, you will live more freely and fulfill it better.

here’s a few things life is too short for:

  • worrying about things you can’t change
  • arguing with people you love
  • saving endless amounts of money with no intention
  • dwelling on past mistakes and ruminating guiltiness
  • holding grudges
  • not being honest about how you feel about someone
  • not taking those classes you want to take
  • rudeness and insincerity
  • failing to travel as advanced and expansively as possible
  • self-loathing; not forgiving yourself
  • bitchiness and pettiness
  • staying in a long-term career that makes you miserable
  • owing anyone an explanation for any decisions you make
  • being a bitter person
  • trying to be somebody else
  • loneliness, or leaving yourself out
  • not being honest
  • being jealous of others and not grateful for your own accomplishments
  • comparing yourself to others; measuring your successes and possessions against those of other people
  • not voicing your opinion; standing up for what you believe in
  • regretting
  • not striving to make a change in this world
  • dwelling on the what ifs and the could have beens
  • nit picking
  • allowing yourself to become unhealthy
  • not wishing to help others
  • living for someone else
  • not taking mental health issues seriously
  • pessimism and a lack of gratefulness
  • repeating the same routine again until it becomes boring
  • staying in the same place for too long
  • let’s not do these things and live fully together

let’s not do these things and live fully together. after all, you can’t change your soul. personality and appearance can only be changed to a degree. it’s important to be your true authentic self. fill your everydays with little things that make you happy and take pride in the world you create. be grateful for every little thing and never stop dreaming. laur. XOXO.


i couldn’t be more grateful for the friends i have in my life right now. i couldn’t ask for better friends. my bestest friend is my cousin. we’ve been best friends since birth and there’s no one i love more or am more grateful for. i swear i don’t know what i’d do without her and i’m thankful i grew up with her and i’m so lucky to have her in my family. and then another is like a sister to me. we’ve been close for years and if we haven’t got sick of each other by now we never will lol. we’re loyal to each other and i love her forever. then i have two best friends who i love more than the world and i miss everyday. and then i have other close friends i text all the time. work friends. and internet friends. off hand i can think of 10 close friends who i share my life with and am always in the company of. i love them to death. it’s amazing how you can cross paths with the most amazing types of people. it’s fate and it works. some people i never imagine i’d be close to and somehow i got lucky. friendship is so important and it’s priceless. i haven’t lost a single friend i wish i still had around now. all my friends are perfect for me and i wouldn’t have it any other way. they’ve stuck with me through the worst times and been there through the best times and i’ve made an abundance of memories with all of them which will live forever. i don’t need anybody else as i have just who i need. always. if ur reading this, i’m so grateful for u xxxxxx

saturday 9th feb.

it’s the perfect day. i’m scrollin on tumblr whilst eating cookie dough and playing my pure heroine vinyl. i had a very happy walk earlier and a phonecall. everything’s aligned. it’s my day off and i wanna do this everytime. having a cheesy pasta bake for tea. mmmm my favourite. then started watching russian doll.

i can’t wait for more days off to just relax and accomplish nothing but a simple cleanse of the hard-working brain. it’s important to have time to yourself and spend it doing what you enjoy, and incorporating those things into your everyday to maximise the desire you have toward your own current lifestyle. you can make small changes to improve your days and enhance your happiness. after all, it’s healthy and benefits you a lot.

signing off,
laur xoxoxoxoxo


baby name challenge.

1. what is your favourite boy and girls name from the top uk names list? noah, isabella.

2. what is your least favourite boy and girls name from the top uk names list? jack, isla.

3. if you had twins, what would you call them? b/b – b/g – g/g – harley and jayden. alfie and megan. roxie and leah.

4. if you could change your name to anything, what would it be? – lola.

5. you have four children, any gender, their names have to start with the same letter. what names would you choose? – kasey, kimberley, kendall, keagan.

6. what’s your favourite celebrity baby name? – saint.

7. what’s your favourite animal inspired name? – tiger.

8. what’s your favourite colour inspired name? – amber.

9. what are your top 3 favourite boy names? – archie, harley, austin.

10. what are your top 3 favourite girl names? – kasey, lorna, megan.

11. what is your ultimate guilty pleasure name? – finley. ingrid. august.

12. what are your most hated baby names? – rebecca. ruth.

13. choose a baby name based on a food/drink – olive.

14. choose a baby name based on a month – june.

15. choose a baby name from a movie – sephora.

16. choose a name that’s already in your family – charlotte.

fifty facts.

1. laur wens

2. pisces

3. death, ramps, tiny holes

4. coffee, animals, sunsets

5. my cousin jade

6. nickel back – rockstar

7. ambitious, laughs a lot, deep thinker

8. supports trump, bad manners, egotistic

9. cherry red

10. two typical ear piercings

11. twitter* for entertainment

12. mostly extatic

13. to marry my dream luv

14. independent woman

15. writings by me

16. great expectations, it, stand by me

17. coldplay – every teardrop is a waterfall

18. the 1975, lany, cub sport

19. nostalgia, homophobia, ethma

20. plants, lorde, art

21. their sense of humour

22. mac miller

23. lana del rey

24. good

25. halloween

26. twitter* amanda

27. all of my mutuals

28. ummm i still listen to the jonas brothers

29. repetitive sounds, ignorance, being ignored

30. cats, tigers, dolphins

31. none sigh

32. nothing am very honest

33. my finances

34. falling down the stairs at the cinema

35. h&m

36. my dream life

37. overthinking, forgiving too easy, cracking my knuckles

38. to be a writer

39. being successful

40. urban outfitters

41. cheese, potatoes, indian takeaway

42. went on adventures round town

43. um being intuitive / judge of character

44. dinner on the beach at sunset

45. megan fox, jake gyllenhaal, nick robinson, dele alli

46. see about page

47. on twitter is @sunshinegrant_

48. 3

49. sometimes

50. a random fact: i’ve never left europe


an outlet. for thoughts, feelings, controversy and clout. whilst it’s healthy to take breaks now and again, my thumbs will always find their way back to twitter. couldn’t imagine a more perfect app and i’ve met so many friends thru common interest. altho people are narcistically obsessed with their ratios and there’s more tea than in a cafe, it really is a humbling and entertaining place to be. go tweet ya heart out and follow me while ya at it. laurs Xxxxx


be careful with twitter and other social media platforms. it can become compulsive and it’s healthy to take breaks from time to time. don’t believe everything you see. don’t take what you read too seriously and take the app light heartedly and stay out of danger as best you can. report harmful accounts and take advantage of the platform to make friends and spread positivity. it’s a whole exciting close knit community.

oh, and block all local twitter accounts.

laur xxxxx